Who dwayne wade dating

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Union was wed to NFL player Chris Howard from 2001 to 2006dropped yet another bombshell."For this marriage, the biggest difference between this and the last marriage will be a prenup. "So everyone should go into the relationship knowing I'm here for you and you're here for me, and the reality is I've never seen Dwyane balance a checkbook, so I gotta protect my stuff."Wade, who told Oprah Winfrey in 2012 that Union makes his "eyes sparkle," played a big part in the wedding planning process."D's very involved in every detail," the In March, the couple hosted an engagement party in Miami."Athlete, going through a divorce, nine years younger than me.Then, after I had a heart-crushing breakup with yet another immature jerk, I thought, it can't be any worse if I date a fetus.Moving forward, I decided my work schedule has to make sense for our family," she told ."Bottom line: If an issue's a deal breaker, it's a deal breaker.Except, of course, they were being paid by promoters to be there instead of doling out chips and beer in their living room like everyone else who's ever hosted a Super Bowl party.The sparks didn't fly right away, though, and Union approached their budding relationship with a solid amount of doubt."[Wade's resume] looked like crap," Union told Vibe shortly after their engagement.

They first met in a pretty conventional way in 2007: while co-hosting a Super Bowl party. The actress, 41, was aware of the child before she accepted the Miami Heat guard’s proposal on Dec.21, a source tells the show, and the pair have worked through the issue privately.As applies to most Hollywood couples as far as I'm concerned, I can spend hours drooling over Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's life together on Instagram.It's not that they're super good looking and successful — that's just about every celebrity couple.

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